With routine maintenance and care your King-Air Marine Air Conditioning should last for years
to come.  And at King-Air, you can always
ship your equipment back to the factory to have it
To Maintain your Marine A/C:
Marine Air Conditioning from KING-AIR is fairly simple to install and
maintain. Here you'll find a typical installation diagram for our Marine A/C
and routine maintenance tips.
For the most trouble free, long lasting air conditioner from a company who will be
here to back it up, choose KING-AIR.
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  1. Clean the strainer & filter once a month or more if needed.
  2. Flush the water coil with muriatic acid for 15 minutes (make sure to
    isolate the coil), then flush with clean fresh water for 30 minutes.  Note
    one cup muriatic acid mixed in 5 galleon tub of fresh water. There are
    several products on the market that do this, please make sure the
    product is environmentally sound.
  3. Oil the fan motor with a couple drops of non gumming oil. Never use 3 in
    1 oil.
  4. Brush clean the evaporator coil (being careful not to crush or push in the
    fins). If needed use a non acid coil cleaner and rinse thoroughly.
  5. If your vessel needs to be winterized make sure you get all of the water
    out of the water coil & drain pan.  
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