There are new laws and regulations effecting the idle time for truck drivers and trucking companies alike,
and staying comfortable in the truck cab is becoming more and more difficult.  By not allowing truck drivers
to idle their trucks, the drivers are likely to sweat like crazy in the summer heat or be frigid cold during the
winter months.  

The King-Air Semi Truck Air Conditioning & Heating system is a fully integrated, self contained system that
will provide heating and air conditioning to the sleeper area and cab of the truck  without idling the main
engine.  The system complies with the "no idle" rules and burns only a fraction of the fuel used to idle the
main truck engine.

The King-Air Semi Truck Air Conditioning & Heating System is easily installed and can be installed in just
one day.   With the system in place, the driver can be assured that regardless of the weather outside, he or
she can rest comfortably and in full compliance of the no idle rules.  
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Semi Truck Air Conditioning and Heating Systems were designed to comply with the no idle rules as well as to help offset the rising cost of
diesel fuel.
For the most trouble free, long lasting air conditioner from a company who will be here to back it up, choose KING-AIR.  Contact us today!
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The King-Air Semi Truck Air Conditioning & Heating System is available in a variety of colors.  For more
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